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Our Services

Hydrate2O offers integrative solutions to your health and well-being. Integrative Medicine is rapidly replacing "sick care" through its root cause approach to health. Addressing your health issues by their root cause obviates the need for expensive pills and band-aids that prevent you and your loved ones from thriving.

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Intravenous (IV) micronutrient therapy is the best way to give high concentrations of vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream, allowing rapid absorption of higher doses of the vitamins and minerals than if the person got them through food or supplements. Most infusions take 10-45 minutes to administer.

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Don't like needles? Our tonics are oral drinks, freshly prepared and served in a shot glass for you to have on the spot or take with you for later. Your gut and mental well-being is the target for many of these time-tested concoctions.

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Ozone gas is a pro-oxidant which can target harmful chemicals, toxins, and byproducts of metabolism. When used by professionals, it can reduce inflammation,
fight against viral diseases, promote wound healing, activate the immune system to function optimally.

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Both amateur and professional athletes are incorporating vitamin and nutrient support into their exercise and training programs. Begin one of our athletic programs and get every last bit of performance out of your body!!

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Express Boosters

Heavy on the nutrients and light on treatment time, express boosters are the ideal nutritional pick me up.

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Red light

Using near infrared light, Red Light penetrates through your skin and promotes the repair and regeneration of mitochondria.

Red Light:
-Improves Sleep
-Repairs Wounds
-Combats Acne
-Reduces Inflammation
-Stimulates Collagen Production
-Boosts Mood

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Home Visits

We'll come to you! Our staff will bring your services to the comforts of your home for you and your loved ones.

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Hydrating with friends is fun! Book an event at our location or yours and we'll take care of the rest. Business meetings, personal events, or just a day out with friends- we want you and your loved ones to thrive!

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