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Our Vision


To be a peaceful health spa­-like sanctuary, a place where people come to pursue the pinnacle of health. We want to be synonymous with premium-quality IV nutrient therapy and integrative wellness.

Franchise Owners

To help our owners open their own Hydrate2O franchise in every community in America supporting integrative health and wellness.

Our Mission

We want you to thrive.

We provide education, products, and services that address the root cause of our client’s health needs. Using only all-natural ingredients, our products and services give our clients the best opportunity for outstanding health so that you can have the best possible chance to pursue your life’s goals and dreams.

Core Values


  • Compassion

  • Innovation

  • Honesty

  • Health and Wellness

  • Client-driven but focused on our team satisfaction

  • Integrative and Holistic Solutions

  • Creating a relaxing, welcoming environment

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