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Meet our Founders

Natives of the Delaware Valley, Drs. Baber and Rashida Ghauri have known each other since their college years. Growing up with both American and Asian heritage, they spent most of their life studying the science and technology that powers conventional medicine, culminating in their board certification in Internal Medicine. Always interested in serving the most vulnerable patients, they both chose to sub-specialize in Hospital Medicine and had very successful careers treating the sickest patients in the community.


Throughout their combined decades in this practice, they slowly came to realize that too many of their otherwise “healthy” colleagues, friends, and family were ending up with the same serious and life-threatening problems as their patients requiring hospitalization. Upon further scrutiny, they began to find inconsistencies in their own lifestyles and more concerningly, the training and science that defined “success” in their practice. This prompted them to seek further training which eventually resulted in attaining the highest professional recognition as board-certified specialists in Integrative Holistic Medicine.

After transforming their own lives and now armed with their new, evidence-based knowledge and skills, they decided to redesign their existing practice to incorporate prevention and wellness through integrative options into their services. As their new practice grew, it became clear from the community that the general population at large is hungry for these services and there simply aren’t enough qualified doctors to provide them. They have since set out to engage integrative practitioners in the community from every discipline which has spawned the formation of Salus WellCare, one of our communities first truly integrative holistic medical services.

In conventional practice, their goal was to make sure you came back every month so that they could check on you. In integrative practice, their goal is to never see you as a patient again. Now they come to work every morning knowing that they are doing everything in their power to treat and prevent disease and promote wellness. Many in our beloved community are like-minded and already understand the tremendous benefits of promoting this philosophy of care. Still, there is much work to be done raising awareness of this now burgeoning science, especially among our healthcare community and demonstrating that pharmaceutical interventions are only one tool in a much more comprehensive armamentarium of treatment options in the fight against disease and mortality.

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