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Athletic Training Programs

100% All Natural Energy, Endurance, & Muscle Support

with Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrient Therapies

Women's Race

Women's Race



Cycling Group

Cycling Group

Hydrate2O Athletic Programs 

Train Program- Partner with Salus Hydrate to train for a sports event with a series of IV treatments to help build endurance, create lean muscle mass, and support energy to sustain workouts. 

Compete Program-  6 Weeks of IVs designed specifically for athletes preparing for a sports competition or endurance event to enhance muscle function and establish lean muscle mass.
Key ingredients
: Amino Acid Complex, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Taurine, Magnesium

Peak Performance Program- Take your training program to the next level with a series of infusions designed to convert fat into muscle, while repleting vital nutrients after intense training.
Key ingredients
: Aminosyn, B12- methyl, B-Complex, Magnesium, Selenium, Vitamin C

Replete Program- The perfect post workout or event IV restores, heals and energizes your body with nutrients that focus on hydrating and replenishing your muscle cells. 
Key ingredients: Aminosyn, B12- methyl, Vitamin C, Glutathione

Peak Performance

Pre-Event Physician Assessment

Are you interested in competing in an event but want to make sure your body is ready?

Schedule an appointment with a Salus WellCare integrative physician today.

Day 1 - Balance Infusion

Start out by correcting deficiencies and bringing your body up-to-speed with everything that it will need for your overall health with our popular Balance Infusion.

Weekly - Peak Performance Infusion

Before you start your first training session and then weekly thereafter you will receive a Salus Hydrate Peak Performance infusion.

Post Event - Replete Infusion

Every 3-4 weeks and once after your event you will receive our Replete IV Infusion to make sure your body can heal gracefully after maximal exertion.

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